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MacroMeal Vegan Chocolate 28 serving

(29 customer reviews)

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Enjoy the delicious taste and amazing health benefits of MacroMeal Vegan Chocolate. MacroMeal (Omni and Vegan) are scientifically formulated with an advanced blend of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins that deliver protein for sustained energy. Feel the difference of Macro Nutrition!
Each delicious serving of MacroMeal Vegan Chocolate includes:
  • 25g of Science Based "Time Released Protein" WITH 5g of Nutrient Rich Fiber
  • 500mg MCT OIL: (Coconut oil "50% MCT") "Healthy Fat" source for long lasting energy
  • 3 Billion Probiotics + Digestive Enzymes: Aids digestion and improve absorption
  • Macro Greens and Miracle Reds "Ultimate" SuperFood Blend: Organic Maca, Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder, Spirulina, Cracked Cell Chlorella, Spinach, Beet Juice Powder, Aloe Vera, Goji , Acai, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Acerola Berry.
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29 reviews for MacroMeal Vegan Chocolate 28 serving

  1. tyler b.

    Excellent protein and greens blend. This stuff is really great and healthy, love that the protein is time released, and it contains so many nutrients and vegetables which aren’t detectable behind the chocolate flavor, if you don’t like the taste a dash of chocolate syrup makes it great. Overall I definitely recommend this and your body will thank you later!

  2. Thraddash

    Excellent protein mix!
    This is one of the better protein mixes I have tried on Amazon. It mixes very well, tastes real (you know what I mean), and really packs a protein punch.

    Also, the container can be recycled or used to start hydroponic plants as well!

  3. Ryan H.

    Tatse great. I like this Macromeal vegan protein because it tastes good and is easy to mix into my shakes. I also like that it has good amounts of protein and carbohydrates per serving and it has ingredients that help suppress my appetite while boosting my energy.

  4. Webb

    25g of Protein in 2 scoops.

    This is good protein, it mixes really well and isn’t too sweet. It is a great base for other flavors, I like to add a little peanut protein and a banana for my morning shakes.

    This powder has a mix of proteins; Whey, Brown Rice, and Pea which gives it a nice round flavor as opposed to the subtle undertones of the protein source every time you take a sip. I also think the variety would help with digestion and absorption.

    Oh and best of all, the scoop was right in the top when I opened it! No digging for the scoop.

    Overall happy with the “MacroLife Naturals MacroMeal Vegan Chocolate Protein – 28 Servings”.

  5. TK

    love it. I got the chocolate flavor and it tastes super great! Almost as if I’m drinking a smoothie. It does have a little bit of a gritty taste when I mix with water. It has 25g of protein in 1 serving, which is awesome. I love that I can read a majority of the ingredients and know what they are without, its good one after all

  6. Terra Incognita

    Love. My favorite vegan protein

  7. Blake Fraina

    Ultra High Protein

    For a plant-based protein powder, this has an unusually high protein content (25g). The calorie count is pretty high as well (180). Since I’m not an athlete and don’t need that much extra protein, I’ve been making a half portion (a single scoop) mixed in my blender with banana and peanut butter powder. This works ideally – it’s very filling and has a rich chocolate flavor. In addition to brown rice and pea protein, it’s supplemented with a number of essential vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics.

    My only complaints are that, typical of this kind of product, the artificial sweetener aftertaste is very pronounced and there’s a hint of that dusty/gritty protein powder taste. But neither is any worse than other sugar-free protein powders I’ve tried. If you’re in the market for a protein rich vegan meal replacement beverage, this is a solid option.

  8. Curtis G

    Almost exactly the same ingredient list as the non-vegan Macro Meal blend, without whey protein and with the addition of pea protein isolate (is that you, James Cameron?). Also lacks the collagen peptides of the original. Very gritty, less flavor. Definitely not my first choice for a protein powder but could be made more palatable by hiding it in a smoothie.

  9. Electrosoft

    Surprisingly delicious

    Arriving in the standard protein tub and scoop inside, you will find a mildly chocolate colored mixture ready to go.
    It mixes very quickly and well with 10-20 good shakes and you’re ready to go.

    I tried this several different ways:

    Water only: Not recommended. This is definitely for the “nutrients only!” crowd who are one step away from downing it dry. With water, it reminds me a watery chocolate drink gone very VERY wrong.

    Unsweetened almond milk: Now we’re getting somewhere. This definitely adds some body and flavor to the mix. In this format, it is VERY drinkable and tasty.

    Add a touch of stevia: While the powder comes with some light sweetness, a dash of stevia just really kicks it up a notch to being downright tasty.

    Add a touch of cacao: Even though the protein powder is labeled as chocolate flavor, it is so light as to be near non-existent in taste. I’m not sure I even taste it or if my mind is associating the packaging and color of the protein powder with “chocolate flavor” and just filling in the blanks. 3-5g of cacao really dials it in.

    As for texture, it will never match the frothy smoothness of dairy based powders, but I prefer a little chunk and sustenance to my shakes. I wouldn’t say it’s “gritty” but if you want to smooth it out a bit, let it sit in the fridge overnight.

    It sits VERY well. Dairy and I aren’t the best of friends so I tend to use other protein powders (Pea, Hemp, brown rice, etc…) and this one with all its added fiber goodness sat very well. The touch of MCTs gives it a certain smoothness and richness that is very pleasing.

    I do CKD, so 5 days a week I’m keeping my carbs low. Each serving of this has ~9g of carbs but 5g of fiber that yields 25g of protein per serving @ 180cal. If you do net carbs, you’re looking at 4g carbs per serving which isn’t too bad depending on your daily carb limit. I tend to use these as my pre/during/post workout shakes as a precaution and up the serving size to ~54g (versus 45g) to net me 30g total of protein against ~11g of carbs / 6g of fiber for 215cal.

    It is a little more on the pricier side in the realm of protein powders, but depending on what you seek in a protein powder, it may cover many bases (probiotics, fiber, MCT, etc…).

    If you are the type who prefers protein powders and drinks that are loaded with tons of artificial flavors, sucralose, aspartame and basically anything to make it taste like some type of candy or dessert and balks at cleaner protein powders that focus more on nutrition than flavor while trying to strike a balance but clearly favoring nutrition above all, this is not for you. Seriously, it just isn’t.

    But if you’re seeking a clean, tasty protein powder that balances prioritizing nutrition against texture and flavor, this is one that will work very well for you.

  10. Piano Player

    Think “cacao” as opposed to chocolate. At least, that’s what I’m thinking as I drink this MacroLIfe protein powder in my smoothies. It has a delicious taste that’s not quite like other chocolate protein powders I’ve tried. And that’s perfectly OK — I really like it.

    This powder mixes easily with milk/banana/ice in a blender. Plenty of protein and no goofy aftertaste whatsoever.

    One of the best protein powders I’ve tried (I’ve tried many).

  11. 4 Lil Lambs

    This should be a powerhouse if you need *more* in your diet … I need more greens. I love chocolate.

    I don’t drink shakes, but what I do with powders, is add a spoonful to things like my breakfast cereal.

    I can’t say this made my cereal taste bad … it didn’t.

    But I also can’t say that I liked the taste. … I didn’t.

    And opening it was a chore.

    Is it worth over $50 for 28 servings? Not for me.

  12. Joe Joe Joe Joe

    Wow, they pack a lot of stuff in this mix! I don’t think I’ve seen a protein mix that has so much action in it. From essential vitamins to the protein to probiotics (woot woot) to all the super grain mix, this is like shoving an entire organic garden into each serving. And it only kinda taste like that.

    It actually has a fairly nice flavor and subtly sweet (stevia taking up most of the slack from the extremely low 2g of sugar) and a distinct earthy flavor. We mixed in some banana and peanut butter (as if it didn’t already have enough amazing ingredients) and it was delicious. The kids liked it too, though I have a feeling they wouldn’t have been as impressed without the PB and banana.

    All around this is an amazing protein mix. And it’s substantial. It seems hard to believe that there are only 28 servings in the big tub.

  13. DaveandMickayla

    This is a large looking tub of powder mix, with 44+ ounces of goodies. The best used by date was a year and a half out, which is fair. I suspect it stores well and could last beyond that date. The taste is okay, but you can fine tune with more or less as needed to get it to your preferred taste. You can also try mixing it cold with milk or warm with coffee, or any other variation. I currently use a hot chocolate mix from the local grocery store and mix it with my morning coffee to get an actually tasty french roast hot chocolate. If you’re watching your calories, you could get into trouble with this protein powder, but there’s certainly some situations where it will come in handy. The biggest con is the price – at over $52 for the tub it is incredibly expensive by comparison to the $5 hot chocolate powder mix I buy regularly. I cannot justify or recommend this based on price alone regardless of how good the nutrients are.

  14. LoveBooks

    I am a proteins powder junkie. I used to buy every kind and have tasted everything. I stick to vegan proteins now. Whey just doesn’t work well in my body. This tastes good, smells good. I drank it straight with almond milk and it was great. I added it to my peanut butter, banana shake and it was amazing. So happy with the clean ingredients in this.

  15. Scientist

    “MacroLife Naturals MacroMeal Vegan Chocolate Protein” is a vegan superfood protein powder with chocolate flavor. I have tried many similar products for my backpacking trip. This is one of the better ones even though it’s not particularly delicious.

    As soon as I opened the container, I smelled a very strong cacao flavor. The instructions said to use 45 g of this powder for 12 oz of water or non dairy milk, so I used water. 45 g is a lot for 12 oz of water, but it dissolved easily. After it dissolved, I saw some green powder floating on the surface. It must be spirulina. The overall impression was a thick chocolate drink. It was a bit powdery, like any other protein products, but it was not particularly hard to swallow. It definitely had cacao flavor, so if you like chocolate, it’s easier to drink. Even though it contains only 2 g of sugar per serving, it was noticeably sweet thanks to stevia. There was no uncomfortable chemical taste or aftertaste. Again, all protein drinks are somewhat powdery and not as enjoyable as pure fruit smoothies. But they do contain good nutritions.

    Overall, I think this is a good product if you need to take vegan protein with vegetable and fruit nutritions on the go.

  16. Danice

    Made with good ingredients, helps me stay in my desired weight, can be used as mea replacement or snack. I drink it as my breakfast

  17. Bichon Mom

    MacroLife Naturals MacroMeal Vegan Chocolate Protein is made in the USA with a blend of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins.

    This vegan formula is also gluten free and non-GMO. A serving size is two scoops equaling 45 grams or just over three tablespoons. A serving contains 180 calories, 3 grams of fat, 9 grams of carbs, 170mg of sodium and 25 grams of protein. This blend also includes vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

    Protein powder is an essential part of my daily nutrition since I am a fairly health conscious vegan. This formula in the chocolate flavor has a pleasant mild taste. A blender produces a smooth drink without undo grit. Since it is only 180 calories for the 25 grams of protein, it gives me plenty of room to add some of my favorite ingredients for both variety and enhanced taste.

    MacroLife Naturals MacroMeal Vegan Chocolate Protein has an excellent blend of nutritional ingredients. It gives me a good balance of dietary requirements with a relatively low amount of sodium and zero cholesterol. It is a very good blend of plant protein and a good choice for nutritious smoothies.

  18. baby momma knows

    Honest review here.

    I found this to be a great tasting chocolate flavor protein mix. It’s not too sweet for me and I love all the healthy ingredients and that it can be used as meal replacement. Great for on the go. Keep in mind that each serving is 2 scoops (not just one).

    The ratio of 180 calories to 25g of protein is good for me… usually prefer less calories but given this is plant based and filled with 3 servings of fruits and veggies I am happy! While it does have 9 carbs 5 of those are dietary Fiber… so it’s got FIBER TOO! Love that.



    The MacroMeal Vegan protein powder is packed with nutrition and comes with 28 servings for the price. I find that to be a good price relative to the ingredients and that it can be used as a meal replacement too.

    I love that it includes: MCT coconut oil powder, antioxidants, 3 billion probiotics, plant based vitamins and trace minerals.

    The protein is a mix of plant based including pea isolate, brown rice and pea protein concentrate.

    I put mine in a small mixer and made with water… it was delicious. Did not clump and was easy to mix.

    While I am not vegan it’s nice to know that this is vegan and based on a plant based protein source.

  19. Bev

    The chocolate is the best….

  20. Drea

    Best protein powder I’ve ever tried. Love this. Time release protein!

  21. Marki

    Delicious and healthy!

  22. Lindsay

    We really like this stuff, our entire family enjoys it almost daily, the ingredients are high quality! I was just recently made aware of gestational issues with my third pregnancy and this is great for my smoothie bowl “nice cream” at night.

  23. Rana Hanna-Reeher

    Very filling, high in nutrients..

  24. Eileen O.

    This morning we got up and I made a smoothie with MarcoMeal that we split with 4 different organic berries I had cleaned and froze along with the Almond Milk. It was delicious!
    We split the portion and yet we both were great until 1pm. I think your Meal Replacement worked for us

  25. Amazon Customer

    The chocolate is the best….

  26. James Wilson

    Equal to the best of the other high-quality natural meal drinks. The chocolate is very good. The grittiness typical to these types of drinks is almost imperceptible to me. I feel better almost immediately after putting a 12-oz. drink down in the afternoon, at work, when I’m starting to slow down. Most importantly, it helps me resist the urge to eat the fricken’ junk that’s all around the office. I’m pretty lean and athletic, so when I need something nourishing, I don’t have a lot of time before I crash.

  27. James Wilson

    Equal to the best of the other high-quality natural meal drinks. The chocolate is very good. The grittiness typical to these types of drinks is almost imperceptible to me. I feel better almost immediately after putting a 12-oz. drink down in the afternoon, at work, when I’m starting to slow down. Most importantly, it helps me resist the urge to eat the fricken’ junk that’s all around the office. I’m pretty lean and athletic, so when I need something nourishing, I don’t have a lot of time before I crash.

  28. Honest Scout

    I have been using this for a few weeks now as a protein supplement. I don’t mind the flavor. It’s a little gritty and chalky but tolerable hence the 4 stars. I mix it with almond milk or water in my Nutribullet. I would order this product again.

  29. Sean McGill

    Maybe I could live on this…
    This so such a healthy supplement of antioxidants and time released aminos. All in a Vegan Blend with some great tasting chocolate flavor. I’m very impressed and used this for a post workout recovery. Now, with going the the gym again it is a great idea to keep up with your immune heath too.

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