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MacroMeal Omni Chocolate Packets 10 Servings

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Enjoy the delicious taste and amazing health benefits of MacroMeal Omni Chocolate. MacroMeal (Omni and Vegan) are scientifically formulated with an advanced blend of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins that deliver protein for sustained energy. Feel the difference of Macro Nutrition!
Each Product includes:
  • 25g of Science Based “Time Released Protein”
  • Collagen Peptides
  • 500mg MCT OIL: (Coconut oil “50% MCT”) “Healthy Fat” source for long lasting energy
  • 3 Billion Probiotics + Digestive Enzymes: Aids digestion and improve absorption
  • Macro Greens and Miracle Reds “Ultimate” SuperFood Blend: Organic Maca, Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder, Spirulina, Cracked Cell Chlorella, Spinach, Beet Juice Powder, Aloe Vera, Goji , Acai, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Acerola Berry.
  • 4g of Nutrient Rich Fiber
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19 reviews for MacroMeal Omni Chocolate Packets 10 Servings

  1. N

    Pay for convenience, not for taste (though it’s really not that bad). I have tried a number of products similar to this one in the past. At almost $2.50 per serving, this is one of the more expensive ones I’ve tried with about the same reaction as I have had to others. Admittedly, I don’t look closely at ingredients or the nutritional information for most of anything I eat, but I do try to be a little more on the healthy side. Perhaps this one is a better quality, I just don’t know. As a supplement, I feel like this does a pretty good job. I don’t look at it as a replacement for a meal, but it will keep you going for a little bit. It has a decent chocolate taste to it but there are times where I get something pretty strong and funky from it. It suggests mixing it with water, milk, or with your favorite smoothie – I recommend the smoothie option to help cover some of the odd aftertaste. The packets are easy to throw in a bag or take with you on the go which I like, but buying in bulk would lower the cost to something a bit more reasonable. For all that, I figure four stars is fair. It will be nice for some, but not so much for others. It really just depends on you and what you are used to and what you like

  2. Got Influence?

    Wife loves it. And she won’t share. So that’s a big thumbs up from this house.

    Hard to find good tasting chocolate in supplements. This is good.

  3. baby momma knows

    180 calories, low sugar, low sodium, low fat at 25g of protein.

    Honest review here.

    180 calories, low sugar, low sodium, low fat at 25g of protein.

    Love that this packs 25g of protein but also includes plant based antioxidants and 3 billion probiotics including fiber, vitamins and more! This is a great go to for lunch on the go too!

    Love that its low in sodium, sugar yet packed with nutrients.


    Flavor is normal and mixes rather easily with a small blender.

  4. Wulfstan

    Healthful. This MacroLife Naturals MacroMeal Omni Chocolate Superfood Supplement Powder Protein + Greens, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Fiber – Energy, Detox, Immune – Non-GMO, Gluten-Free – 1.6oz (10 Servings) can be mixed with water and drunk straight, or better it will turn milk into a even mor ehealthful beverage that tastes like chocolate milk … almost.

    Decent but not great chocolate flavor, and great nutrition.

    Also great for smoothies.

  5. MogwaiWaterPark

    This is a decent supplement with a pretty standard taste compared to similar chocolate protein mixes. You WILL need a blender for this, a spoon will not have the raw power needed to properly mix this, no matter how strong you think you are.

  6. P. Williams

    Sometimes you just don’t have time to pack a lunch. When those times hit, it’s great to have a product like this around. Just throw one in your bag and head to work. Or, in my case, I added a pack with some ice and some instant coffee in my shaker bottle and made a breakfast drink out of it. It mixed fine and tasted good – no issues at all. With 25 grams of protein, that helps keep you feeling full. I plan on taking a couple and leaving them at the office. Overall, I am a fan of these Macro Meal shakes.

  7. Mommo H

    Okay taste. This seems similar to other protein powders I have taken in the past. I tried it with 12 oz of water and it was not good at all. The next time with about 6 oz of milk and it was much better! The chocolate flavor wasn’t too bad, thicker like hot chocolate mix, with just the small amount of milk. My only complaint is the aftertaste was not pleasant, kind of skunky in my opinion. Will I try it again? Yes, though may try it differently as a shake with other ingredients, so I can keep getting the great ingredient benefits from this product!

  8. BV Claire

    Makes a great healthy drink. We used this in a blender and mixed one packet with fresh strawberries, a banana, vanilla bean ice cream, and some milk and the result was a great chocolatey drink. We always use one packet but split into a drink for 2 of us and we each get a large cup size. It tastes wonderful and is very filling. I really like this product and all its healthy ingredients including probiotics.

  9. Kort

    Awesome Meal Replacement. This mix tastes healthy, but it is also delicious. If you are into health, I think you’ll appreciate the MacroLife Naturals MacroMeal Omni Chocolate Superfood Supplement Powder. There are are so many great nutrients in this, it is crazy. I’ve had other MacroMeal powders in the past, and was super impressed with their quality and how they make me feel. This is more of the same and I love the convenient single serving bags. A winner!

  10. shepschic

    ON THE GO GOODNESS. This is all inclusive full flavor total nutrition drink for on the go goodness. I love that this box comes with 10 packs for traveling each with balanced nutrition. The flavor is balanced chocolate and tastes great in both hot and cold beverages.

  11. Jack Dawson

    Good Taste, Mixes Pretty Well, Convenient Packaging

    If you’re looking for a protein powder product that is easier to take with you anywhere, this is a good choice. At 25 grams of protein per package it has a significant amount of protein in it. It mixes well and doesn’t clump up a lot. If you use it in a shaker it dissolves pretty close to 100%. If you just stir it with a spoon in a glass, it doesn’t mix quite as well. Some of the powder floats up to the top but that is usually the case for any protein powder.

    It has a better than average taste. When looking at the ingredients I can’t tell what the sweetener is but it doesn’t have the nasty Stevia taste that is often associated with KETO stuff. This didn’t adversely affect my stomach in any way.

    Overall, this has an above average chocolate taste in the realm of protein powders. The packaging makes it easy to take with you anywhere and eliminates the chance of it spilling and making a mess when you take it with you. At $23.99 for 10 packs it is not the cheapest thing on the market but given the ingredients and the convenient packaging it seems like reasonable price to pay for this product. It will come in handy for camping trips and road trips. Since it can be mixed with water and taste pretty good, it could even provide a nice boost when out on the hiking or biking trails. There are energy drink powder mixes that cost as much as this product costs per serving.

  12. bandazar

    Taste a little bit like muddy barf which I suspect is from all the bacteria inside of the product. Otherwise the taste is quite mild. I had a hard time of actually tasting the chocolate it was so mild.
    It does an excellent job of calming my intestines though. Much less gas, and my intestines feels less inflamed from what I eat. Overall I also feel a lot healthier after taking this as well.
    I like the fact that it contains a lot of vitamin E, which is actually kind of hard to get unless you like avocados and/or almonds, or sunflower seeds.

  13. Precise Disarray

    impressive assortment of Antioxidants, Proteins, Fat, Fiber, Enzymes. Good taste, easy on stomach.

    I think it is worth the try, and worth the price. I like the formula (which I list on!). You get some fruits, vegetables, protein, fats (coconut oil), and fiber. 180 calories per packet, and it is surprisingly filling (though I do add other stuff). I find that it has a pleasant taste- nearly neutral which is amazing since there are some otherwise potent ingredients. It offers a lot in terms of nutrition, and personally I find it a bargain. It sits well with my stomach.

    If new to formulas like this, you may want to start with half the amount. The packet happens to provide nutritional information for half packet use, and full packet. I made it like I normally do for smoothies. This powder, non dairy milk, frozen banana. Occasionally add other goodies. Blend, enjoy. No particular flavor stands out besides chocolate. Light chocolate. Pretty impressive considering all that is contained in this formula. Make adjustments as per your preference. I’m impressed with the overall variety in this formula, but also the “time release” aspect, which I never considered before. I just take any protein and never knew that some are quick burners, and some are slow. (makes sense now why collagen is often used just prior to a workout). OK, now I outline what is in this, then finish with my overall take on it.

    —PROTEIN: The main draw is the TIME RELEASE protein blend, which is purported to help sustain energy and make us feel full longer. The “macro power protein blend” consists of Collagen protein (fast release), Whey protein (medium release), brown rice protein (slow release), and pea protein concentrate (slow release). I normally don’t care for whey protein due to taste and how it can be harsh on my gut, but I find it easy on my gut and tastebuds. 25 grams of protein in 1 packet.

    —PLANT ENZYMES: amylase, bromelain, cellulase, lipase, papain, protease

    —RECOVERY BLEND: MCT Oil powder (50%), Organic coconut water powder, ConcenTrace AC trace minerals (I normally take this as a separate product!)

    –FIBER: organic flax, apple fiber, sunflower lecithin. Very pleased to see lecithin. 4 grams in 1 packet

    –ANTIOXIDANT SUPERFOOD BLEND: cocoa powder, barley grass juice powder, spirulina, acerola cherry extract, aloe vera, chlorella (cracked cell), spinach powder, red beet powder, blueberry powder, maca powder, pomegranate powder, lycium (goji berry) powder, acai berry powder, mangosteen powder. All organic. Just didnt want to have to type that out a dozen or so times.

    –SUGAR: very little sugar (total 3 grams in 1 packet–less than what is in my gummy multi vitamin). Has STEVIA, but it not over powering. I initially thought this wasnt sweetened with anything. Very low key (to me). Also has some sea salt, and cinnamon powder.

    –PRICE. $2.30 per packet. Has nutritional information for use of whole packet, or half. If the convenience of packets isn’t of important, then grab their tub and save a little money per serving ($1.89). I dont rate on price because we all have different budgets, needs, values, prices fluctuate, and we can see the price before purchase. Some of my favorite meal replacement drinks, or macro meals are in the $2-6 range per serving. I try to find stuff in the lower range, and THIS is in the lower range. If I bought the tub of powder, it would be the best price ever. Keep in mind that this is not just a single source protein (whey is very cheap), but start adding in “greens”, “reds”, natural fiber, multiple forms of protein, trace minerals, and enzymes? Yeh, the price goes up. This isn’t as hearty in Daily Value amounts compared to some meal replacement drinks, but it is pretty good overall. At 180 calories per packet, it still allows wiggle room if you want to add this to a food item or use it as a snack, or add some other supplements or foods into a smoothie with it.

    CONVENIENCE: the packets could be great for travel, on the go, for at the office, gym, etc. Or to share, or to simply have tucked away for emergency. Even if you only had water, you could at least have a mini meal and electrolytes. I’d pack this into a hiking bag, car kit, gym bag, etc. You get the idea. There is function to having packets.

    SATIETY: As for satiety, it has powered me through a couple of busy work days. I tend not to want to eat in the morning, but I dont want to leave for the day without something. So I make smoothies most of the time, and then pack some additional easy to munch on food. I dont have full meals on my work days (few days a week out of house, labor work). Anyway I make this with banana, non dairy milk, sometimes I add it extra flax, sunflower meal, oats to further bulk it up. That’s it. I drink it in car. At most, I will eat my cut up apple because I dont want it to go to waste. But I otherwise find that I am content with just this smoothie as my food for the majority of the day. Come dinner, that’s another story, haha.

    Overall I like it, and I would buy it again, especially if price stays reasonable. If not, then I have other brands I like too. 5 stars not because it is necessarily better than my current favorites, but because it meets my expectations. I would definitely buy this over plain protein powder (save for collagen, as I love adding that to my coffee).

    Acquired 03/2022 with Exp date of 03/2023

  14. Quitty Wit

    Tastes Great and Blends Well. I add one packet to 16oz of unsweetened almond milk and put it in a personal blender. It blended smoothly without chunks and took all of 20 seconds. This tastes amazing and provides so many nutrients. I am at a point where I finally understand the importance of protein for a woman over 30. This macro meal provides 25 grams in one serving; you cannot beat that. I am not on keto, but I appreciate that it is low in carbs. It is sweet, so be aware of that. I have AFib and this does not trigger me, so I know the sugar content is low. This is a great product at an affordable price.

  15. A Romero

    Healthy and Practical. MacroLife Naturals MacroMeal Ultimate Chocolate Protein Powder is truly a superfood in a packet. Each serving is a full meal, with fruits, vegetables, antioxidants, healthy fats, fiber, and protein, in addition to a wide range of vitamins and minerals. It is gluten free and Keto friendly, but it does contain milk (whey) and tree nuts (coconut), so it may be something to be aware of. It does have a little of an aftertaste in my opinion, but I still liked it! The box comes with 10 packets, which are VERY easy to mix in 12 ounces of water, milk, or milk alternate. This makes them easy to pack for meals at work, trips, camps, etc. They can also be used to mix into smoothies, when a blender is available. For their health benefits and practicality, I would definitely recommend the MacroLife Naturals MarcoMeal Ultimate Chocolate Protein Powder packets.

  16. reg

    It’s handy having pre-measured packets. Each packet should be mixed with 12 oz water, milk, or other preferred liquid. Each packet is 180 calories and provides 25g of protein. There are 4g of fiber and 3g sugar. It’s claim is that there are fast, medium, and slow release proteins.

  17. RunRaptorRun

    Chocolate Flavored Dirt! Ummm, good!

    What happens if you mix a whole lot of really healthy foods together? You get something that tastes like dirt, apparently.

    The nutrition content of the product is impressive and presumably if you are buying this kind of product you already torture yourself with a diet and exercise program that most normal humans would never choose to endure. But good grief, this product tastes awful by itself. Mixed into something else, like an Oreo milkshake, the beverage might be tolerable.

    I asked my wife for her opinion, she smelled it, said approvingly that it smelled like chocolate, took a drink and then gave an Oscar-winning performance of someone who just drank battery acid (and she didn’t slap anyone before she accepted the Oscar for “Best Reaction to Drinking Battery Acid”).

    I’m only deducting one star for the taste, because again, this is a beverage for serious nutrition people. They expect this kind of thing and that’s how they know they’re on the right track. If that’s you, this may be the best nutrition drink you’ve ever had.

  18. Joe Joe Joe Joe

    Amazing nutrition with a great flavor. I’ve had Macromeal mixes before and I was impressed with the ingredients and the nutrition but underwhelmed by the flavor. This one has an amazing dark chocolate flavor without the strong stevia flavor and aftertaste. They do use stevia still (listed as Rebaudiosaide A) but it’s definitely not as noticeable. Maybe because it’s a better complement to the whey (the previous stuff was pea protein).

    And this is a true meal replacement with several essential nutrients (big one missing is vitamin D, superfoods including spirulina and chlorella, and several billion probiotics. They also toss in a little MCT for good measure. I’d like to see more MCT but people are still hooked on that ’90s low-fat fad I guess.

    These are not cheap but considering it’s excellent nutrition and it tastes great, it’s worth it. The individual packaging means that they will keep longer, but since they taste so good, you probably won’t need to worry about that it’ll go pretty fast.

  19. Johnny

    Are you missing out if not taking Greens?
    Answer: It depends. Super Food greens (and fruits) is a “thing” these days and any way we can improve our greens intake is a step ahead. This MacroLife version is a well-balanced blend, typically digested without issues and made even better by the antioxidants included. At 2.40 a packet at the time of this review, the price higher than similar natural blends from MacroLife such as MacroGreens at about one third the cost. I recommend going with a half portion to start as your digestive system gets used to it. The taste is a bit sweet although a serving only has an impressively low 1.5 grams of sugar.

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