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MacroMeal Omni Chocolate 28 serving

(47 customer reviews)

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Enjoy the delicious taste and amazing health benefits of MacroMeal Omni Chocolate. MacroMeal (Omni and Vegan) are scientifically formulated with an advanced blend of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins that deliver protein for sustained energy. Feel the difference of Macro Nutrition!

Each delicious serving of MacroMeal Omni Chocolate includes: 

  • 25g of Science Based "Time Released Protein" WITH 4g of Nutrient Rich Fiber
  • 500mg MCT OIL: (Coconut oil "50% MCT") "Healthy Fat" source for long lasting energy
  • 3 Billion Probiotics + Digestive Enzymes: Aids digestion and improve absorption
  • Macro Greens and Miracle Reds "Ultimate" SuperFood Blend: Organic Maca, Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder, Spirulina, Cracked Cell Chlorella, Spinach, Beet Juice Powder, Aloe Vera, Goji , Acai, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Acerola Berry.
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47 reviews for MacroMeal Omni Chocolate 28 serving

  1. Chris W.

    Try it you will like it. Maybe I just have a weird taste palette, but to me I simply can’t get enough of this superfood powder. I love it, personally with any powder may it be a meal replacement or protein, I never use it with just milk or water, I simply use them in smoothies. For me, I think this powder tastes very similar to Mexican hot chocolate, and mixed with some oat milk and cinnamon along with fruits/veggies of your choice, you can make some amazing smoothies with this powder. Besides loving the flavor, this powder is packed full of nutrients that’s great for someone who lives life on the go. Simply by looking at the ingredients, the amount of antioxidants you get is sensational, paired with other fruits (I’m a huge fan of blueberries and bananas I also enjoy adding non-dairy yogurt, cashew milk is a personal favorite of mine.), you can make a smoothie that really packs a bunch of vitamins that’ll keep you going throughout the day. Like I mentioned before, I don’t like simply mixing my powders with milk or water, and if I do I make sure to have a shaker bottle on hand, is simply because the texture is just too much for me and powder usually gets stuck somewhere on the bottle. For any powder in my opinion, just get a blender and really enhance your powder experience, you’ll definitely find consuming your powders to be a much more pleasurable experience. This powder is also KETO friendly to anyone who was wondering, I’m simply amazing at how great this powder is. If you’re looking for a powder that packs a lot of antioxidants, probiotics, proteins and other vitamins/ minerals, look no further, this blend is amazing and I can’t get enough of it.

  2. Webb

    25g of Protein in 2 scoops

    This is good protein, it mixes really well and isn’t too sweet. It is a great base for other flavors, I like to add a little peanut protein and a banana for my morning shakes.

    This powder has a mix of proteins; Collagen, Whey, Brown Rice, and Pea which gives it a nice round flavor as opposed to the subtle undertones of the protein source every time you take a sip. I also think the variety would help with digestion and absorption.

    Oh and best of all, the scoop was right in the top when I opened it! No digging for the scoop.

    Overall happy with the “MacroLife Naturals MacroMeal Omni Protein”.

  3. Off-Grid Family

    My go to for a breakfast whenever time is an issue. I have gotten super big into protein drinks, drink mixes, and meal replacements as I get older and want to keep up my health and taking care of myself. Macrolife has become a massive option in my rotations when it comes to what I choose to ingest. Anytime I don’t have the time to cook myself a full breakfast as normal I grab my shaker cup and this Macrolife. I’m using the chocolate flavor right now and I’ve mixed it both with Whole Milk & Vanilla Sweetened Almond Milk. In both cases 2 scoops as recommended blend quite well. I have noticed that if I try to drink it within a few minutes of mixing there is a distinct ‘earthy’ taste to it along with the chocolate, but I found that once you’re done mixing and shaking it to having dissolved; by waiting 5-10 minutes before you drink it the ‘earthy’ taste is completely gone. You’re just left with a rich but not overly sweet or overpowering taste of chocolate. Which is amazing given just how much good for you things you’re actually consuming. I feel comfortable when i drink one in that this is a full on meal replacement. I don’t feel hungry for hours and I know I’m putting more things into my body than just a few grams of protein which makes me feel better and feel better about what I’m doing.

    Really happy with MacroLife products so far and look forward to ordering the vanilla flavor soon to give it a try as well.

  4. K. B. Fenner

    Good ingredients, but the chocolate flavor doesn’t mask them enough. I’d drink this after a workout in the morning for a protein boost. I tried the chocolate flavor. The taste is not very chocolatey, but otherwise ok. I do get a distinct hint of green leafy vegetable taste coming through. Not bad, but a bit strange combined with the chocolate. Far from the best tasting powder I’ve tried, but definitely not the worst, either.

  5. D. Seymour

    First, I did like it. I felt a boost when during the day and felt this mixture help create that boost. No matter how much I tried, though, I couldn’t get it to completely dissolve in milk. It felt a little “sandy” while drinking it. Also, the chocolate flavor was a little off. All in all, that wasn’t a deal breaker and I feel the benefits outweighed them.

  6. J. Spiegel

    This is a tasty supplemental chocolate or vanilla, drink. I’m testing the chocolate version and find it tasty. I mix it with almond milk and like the combination. It has your full compliment of nutrition for your exercise routine. It is not rated as a meal replacement, though. It is plant based but I don’t see a Vegan logo so, I’m not sure if it is. It has a slight gritty texture in I mix it and much less so if I blend it in my blender. It needs strong agitation. It’s a bit on the pricey side as I write this, about $2 per serving. All in all it’s a good supplemental nutrition drink.

  7. France T.

    Easy and nutritious
    I make a smoothie every morning with this. I had about 6 whole frozen strawberries, a scoop of almond butter, and some flaxseed oil. It tastes delicious. Sometimes I add a little coconut sugar if I’m in the mood for a sweeter drink. I like that I’m getting plenty of nutrients and vitamins every morning, so simple and quick to prepare!

  8. Jam

    This MacroLife Naturals MacroMeal Omni Chocolate tastes like a typical healthy drink mix using chocolate flavoring to mask the natural taste. It doesn’t taste like actual chocolate…just a flavor reminiscent of chocolate. I mean I get it, you’re trying to consume a healthy alternative without it tasting super healthy. I’ve used this powder drink a time or two to prevent a snack-ccident and it works well to curb my appetite for a few hours. The powder mixes good with water and becomes a chocolate health shake. I tried mixing it with hot water once, don’t do that. It turned into a foamy thick mess. Stick to cold water. I think this drink mix is good for what it is, I like the ingredients. I do think that the price is a little outrageous. I guess if you break it down to cost per a meal, because this is replacing a meal, then it seems a little more reasonable. But it’s still pretty pricey for a tub of powder. If the flavor was better, then I might be able to justify it. Overall, it just comes down to taste preference and affordability. It’s a little too pricey for me, so I’ll just stick with the drink mixes from my local grocery store.

  9. Dana O.

    There’s a lot going on in this product. The product page here shows pictures of all of the parts of the nutrition label, so please look at that and zoom in on it if you need specific information.
    The product label says it offers time released protein, so that is a great benefit. Unfortunately I can’t really say if that is true or not, but I like the idea of it. This product offers 25g of protein for 45g (about 2) scoops of powder. That’s actually a lot of powder, and this is a fairly large tub. The diameter of the base of the tub is 5.5″ and it’s about 8″ high. It’s difficult to understand the scale of it, so hopefully that helps a bit.
    Going down the first column of the nutrition label I like that it shows only 3g of sugars, the proteins come from a combination of whey (dairy based), brown rice, pea protein, and collagen peptides (probably bovine based, but I don’t see it stated anywhere). That all works for me. On the bottom where it talks about other ingredients it says there are “Vegan Natural Flavors” so maybe that’s where some people think this is trying to be vegan, but with whey protein and collagen peptides that isn’t the case. There are oodles and oodles of antioxidants, amino acids, plant based fiber, plant based enzymes, and non-dairy probiotics. I don’t know if I have ever seen a product as packed full of nutrients as this one.
    I like to drink protein powder mixed with coconut water, which is what I used with this one. This powder contains coconut water powder and MCT coconut oil powder, but I still like the difference between coconut water and plain water. For me, this is a bit gritty, maybe because there’s so much powder. I use a shaker bottle and give it a fair shake for several minutes. I am pretty easy going when it comes to just drinking it, so the grittiness didn’t really bother me. You could put it in a blender into a smoothie and any grittiness wouldn’t be noticeable at all.
    It is a bit pricey, but at today’s cost of $52.50 divided by 28 servings, that’s only $1.88/serving plus the cost of your liquid if it’s not water. That isn’t bad for the amount of nutrients you’re getting in this MacroMeal powder. To your health!

  10. DB


  11. Curtis G

    Tasty. Mixes really well in regular milk and almond milk. Nice flavor, reminds me of Carnation Instant Breakfast (or whatever they’re calling it these days). Good protein to carb ratio, which is often a concern (as in too many carbs to call it a “protein” powder). I found nothing objectionable about the ingredients. I’m happy.

  12. Nathaniel Taylor

    My favorite health drink. This stuff is great! I drink it every morning with 8 ounces of coconut water. I feel more energized throughout the day whenever I consume it.

  13. Nova

    1. Great milky chocolatey taste
    2. Dissolves and mixes easily
    3. Low sugar (since it uses artificial sweetener)
    1. Ingredients don’t seem to justify the expensive price tag
    Overall, good quality and flavors but probably a better buy at a discounted price.

    Thank you so much for reading this review. I hope it helps in your decision-making process.

  14. DaveandMickayla

    This is a large looking tub of powder mix, with 44+ ounces of goodies. The taste is okay, but you can fine tune with more or less as needed to get it to your preferred taste. You can also try mixing it cold with milk or warm with coffee, or any other variation that fits your palette. I currently do this with a regular hot chocolate mix from the local grocery store and mix it with my morning coffee to get an actually tasty french roast hot chocolate. If you’re watching your caloric intake, you could get into trouble with this kind of stuff, but there’s certainly some situations where it will come in handy. The biggest con is the price – at over $52 for the tub, it is incredibly expensive by comparison to the $5 hot chocolate powder mix I buy regularly and that alone would never justify me buying this item regardless of how good the nutrients are. Expiration date is well over a year out, which is good.

  15. WSW

    I’m assuming they call it Macro Meal because it contains protein and fruits and veggies, and that’s a meal! The thing that stands out the most for me about this protein powder is that it’s got probiotics in it. I haven’t seen too many powders that have them. Also, the time-released protein is something new for me. I’m really curious if I’ll tell a difference in my day after drinking this. By the way, it doesn’t say no soy on it like you normally see on products that don’t have soy, but I don’t see soy listed in the allergen ingredients either. It only mentions tree nuts because of the coconut oil. All in all, this looks like a really great product. Make sure to read all that is in it because it does seem like you are getting a meal in your drink!

  16. JustMyOpinion

    I got this more for my 92 yr old father than for myself (tho I like the occasional Protein Shake). First and most important, he liked it and drank it right down.

    That said the flavor was, to me, great. Very chocolaty and rich. The texture was a bit grainy but I can deal with that in a nutritional shake if the taste and ingredients warrant it.

    The ingredients are pretty decent. I’m fussy about what goes into my father’s shakes and smoothies. This shake has a nice combination of Whey, Brown Rice and Pea proteins, Probiotic Cultures, and Superfoods. Admittedly the majority of the superfoods is likely the cocoa powder but cocoa is also a useful food as long as it’s not combined with sugars. A Fiber Blend, Plant Enzymes, and Amino Acids round out the ingredients.

    For those on Weight Watchers, a serving will cost you 4 points not including the fluid (Milk, etc) you use to mix with.

    All in all I would purchase this again (and likely will).

  17. Moonglow ColorKid

    Hmm, this is an okay omni powder with great ingredients and a ton of nutrients, but the taste is SO sweet. I’ve tried it a few different ways and it seems to me that the only way to temper the sweetness is to add extra liquid, unsweetened peanut butter, and maybe even some spinach or other veggie of choice to pull some of the sweetness out. Unfortunately you’ll lose the majority of the chocolate flavor which isn’t really that strong to begin with, but I don’t mind fixing that with a little cocoa powder of my own. I really DO like how much of a huge variety of superfoods and nutrients are included in the mix so to me it’s worth it to adjust the flavors; I feel like I usually have to do that with most protein powders anyway. I’m overall happy with this product even if the flavor to me isn’t 100% perfect. The ingredients/supplement contents are stellar and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind adjusting the flavors of their protein powders a little to get the best tasting drink out of the best possible ingredients.

  18. Ryan H.

    Taste great. I like this protein powder because it has a rich chocolate taste and I believe protein powder helps increase my strength quickens recovery and helps me develop lean muscle mass.

  19. Jenny Lehr

    Delicious! Taste great!

  20. A Photographer

    I did not like the flavor on this. It’s like dark chocolate, but not good dark chocolate? The texture was too gritty compared to other protein powders I’ve had. Compared to something like TB12’s chocolate protein powder, I would go for that one every single time. I do like the benefits, and the scoop wasn’t buried, and you get a lot, but the company really needs to rethink that flavor. Ugh.

  21. Valued Customer

    This is a pretty good meal replacement shake that avoids the usual downfall of excessive sweetness.

    – 25g of protein per serving is decent
    – Low-ish carb nutrition profile, with some fat and fiber
    – Not excessively sweet
    – Palatable flavor, as such things go. It tastes healthy, like a gritty smoothie made out of the entire contents of a small health food store.

    – Some of the dreaded vegan protein grittiness
    – Tastes healthy, like a gritty smoothie made out of the entire contents of a small health food store.

  22. CheckingItOut

    Fantastic! This stuff is truly close to being an actual meal substitute. It’s not one and they actually state it on the container but, it has enough Super Nutrient Greens in it to actually be a replacement for it. It’s that way for quite a few other ingredients that this can separately replace.
    It is a great mix of ingredients that includes 25 grams of Protein and too many other complimentary ingredients to help the body process and utilize it well. It also tastes really good and comes with 28 Servings in it. I’d definitely recommend it and the only thing I’d like to see is their Testing and Manufacturing information, because I like to know everything I can about the things I take. It’s Easily 5 Stars IF it had that information.

  23. Shane

    Good Nutrition. Taste? Not So Much. I have the chocolate flavor of this MacroLife naturals drink mix. First off, I do like the health aspects of this drink. I won’t go through the label, but this really is a health drink! Wow! It’s low in carbs/sugar, high in vitamins, minerals, protein, and other very good ingredients. I did note, however, that the cholesterol percentage is higher than I’d like. But it’s a great healthy drink!

    Does it taste good? Well, to be honest, not really. First of all, it is grainy (some of the ingredients give it a grainy texture). Secondly, the chocolate flavor is somewhat weak and the other ingredients mixed with chocolate don’t taste great. It’s hard to explain the flavor, but if you’re fussy, you might not like it. I can stomach it because it is healthy, but I don’t really look forward to drinking it! But again, the health benefits are great and it didn’t cause me any bloating or discomfort.

  24. Kindle Customer

    Satisfying & Nutritious. My favorite things about MacroLife Naturals Macro Meal are the low carbs (9g), the non-dairy probiotic cultures and the flavor. I also like the incredible “nutrient rich superfood antioxidant” blend, the fiber blend and the protein blend. This delivers a whopping 25g of protein from whey, collagen peptides, organic brown rice and pea protein concentrate. The probiotic cultures are lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus rhamnosus, bifidobacterium longum and bifidobacterium bifidum (60 mg. 3 billion at MFG). This has the complete complement of amino acids and also digestive enzymes. One serving of Macro Meal Ultimate Superfood equals three servings of fruits and veggies. I love the flavor and I like my energy level. One of my favorite protein shakes!

  25. Rabbit

    More grit than some others, but truly sustains energy. I drink chocolate protein every single day, so I know what I’m looking for in these products. Not too many carbs, clean protein, clean supporting ingredients, and lots of chocolatey goodness. This one looked like it fit the bill, and I was especially interested in the sustained energy claims. Taste-wise, it’s great and not overly sweet. The texture has a little more grit than I’m used to, and I strongly suggest an overnight soak. I do this anyway, because I like a creamy texture. What impresses me the most is the lasting energy it gives me. I usually hit an afternoon wall, but when I have this during the first half of my day, I can power through and be productive a lot more easily. It’s good stuff!

  26. JJL

    Doesn’t Taste GREAT, But It’s Good Enough. I wouldn’t say this tastes great. It has a chalky feel to it, and I can detect the fake taste of stevia. To be fair, most protein powders taste this way, so I’m used to it. You get 25 g of protein in two scoops, plus a variety of superfoods. It’s good enough to suit me, although a bit on the pricey side for only a month’s worth of powder.

  27. D.A. Lux

    excellent ingredient profile and great macro ratios

    * Great macros! Per 42 g scoop, you get 180 calories comprised of 3 g fat, 9 g carb (4 g fiber and 3 g sugar), and 25g protein. Excellent ratios
    * Blend of proteins make this very well rounded
    * Added probiotics and enzymes help with digestion and breakdown of macros
    * The 7 g superfood antioxidant blend is robust, and the fiber blend helps move everything through my system
    * No unnecessary fillers/additives

    * Price per serving is around $2 (as of this posting). Not the highest per-serving price, but you can find comparable shakes at a slightly more favorable rate
    * Doesn’t mix completely, with a grainy texture. This is not a deal breaker, as overall the drink is palatable, but this may deter some consumers
    * Is the Whey Protein an isolate or concentrate? The label does not indicate, which is disappointing. I prefer an isolate, which I more readily digest

    * Chocolate flavor (vegan-based) is okay. It is drinkable but not outrageously flavorful. It’s tough with so many ingredients to have this come out with a “wow!” flavor

    Quality is there, the flavor is okay, and loads of bells and whistles make it a well-rounded post-workout drink. Recommended!

  28. Johnny

    Let’s clarify the confusing listing title:
    At the time of this review, this “Chocolate -Vanilla” version with the image of the dark colored drink is indeed chocolate. Not a combo. Macro Meal comes it two flavors. It’s either chocolate or vanilla, not both. Hope the good folks at MacroLife will fix the error in the 28 serving listing since some of the duller folks among us (me) thought we might be getting a combo flavor package. What about nutrition and taste? It’s satisfying and packed with an excellent Superfood blend of fruits and veggies hidden inside a satisfying cocoa flavor.

    Keep in mind a serving is two scoops rather than the usual one. That works out to $1.87 a serving. 25 grams of protein per serving is among the highest of any protein drink I have reviewed. That yields a bit of a chalky taste but it’s in balance with the chocolate.

  29. Johnny

    What about nutrition and taste? It’s satisfying and packed with an excellent Superfood blend of fruits and veggies hidden inside a satisfying cocoa flavor.

  30. CJrMom

    Yummy good nourishment cold or hot! Especially for Mom’s and kids. It tastes good, makes me as a breastfeeding but postpartum mom feel great, be able to feed my baby well, but still lose weight. Most meal shakes make me feel sick, this one doesn’t! It’s good with just milk cold, and hot with coffee!!!

  31. Wil

    Healthy and tastes good.
    So healthy and tastes better than all other healthy drinks.

  32. Mjs

    Just average taste
    Good ingredients not so great taste

  33. Deb Wirt (verified owner)

    Love these products! Especially the chocolate Macromeal, it’s a perfect healthy and quick breakfast or lunch for me. Also Macro greens are great for when I need, well, even more greens 🙂 Macromeal is now a part of my daily self maintenance. I love the auto order as well, it saves me so much money and I can share the site. Thanks for reading. 😺

  34. Drea

    Best protein powder I’ve ever tried. Love this. Time release protein!

  35. Lindsay

    We really like this stuff, our entire family enjoys it almost daily, the ingredients are high quality! I was just recently made aware of gestational issues with my third pregnancy and this is great for my smoothie bowl “nice cream” at night.

  36. Amazon Customer

    Tastes great even with water, perfect for morning workouts.
    Perfect addition for your preworkout meal

  37. Eileen O.

    This morning we got up and I made a smoothie with MarcoMeal that we split with 4 different organic berries I had cleaned and froze along with the Almond Milk. It was delicious!
    We split the portion and yet we both were great until 1pm. I think your Meal Replacement worked for us

  38. Amazon Customer

    Great taste and is more complete with Collagen Peptides making it the best value!

  39. Sean McGill

    So hard to find Time based Aminos in a great tasting mix…This has been a really good recovery drink after workouts for me. It doesn’t just flood and flush by body with essential aminos. They are time released allowing for longer recovery for my next day routine. Plus, its like a reward to drink this because it taste so good. They poured in all the good stuff and took out all the bad.

    Trust you found this review honest and helpful:-)

  40. Sue Bottorff

    Good stuff!!!!

  41. CJrMom

    It tastes good, makes me as a breastfeeding but postpartum mom feel great, be able to feed my baby well, but still lose weight. Most meal shakes make me feel sick, this one doesn’t! It’s good with just milk cold, and hot with coffee!!!

  42. Amazon Customer

    Great product. I like it better than regular whey protein isolate powder. Tastes great blended into a peanut butter-banana smoothie.

  43. G

    Good stuff ordering my second batch today. Tastes decent with water, milk, and really good with almond milk.

  44. JJ

    Does what it says
    Great product

  45. Sue Bottorff

    Good stuff!!!!

  46. Jay D

    It’s the perfect nutrient supplement.

  47. SL

    I love it! I mix mine with almond milk and 2 scoops of MacroMeal. I could last for hours without snaking on other unnecessary junk food. This is what I drink first thing in the morning and it really gives me energy to focus on my work.

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