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Macro Berri Reds 7oz 32 servings!

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Macro Berri Reds  7oz  32 servings!
Macro Berri Reds is an all natural fruit/berry flavored multi-vitamin drink mix with a taste kids love! Delicious is the new nutritious!

No common allergens or other harsh ingredients. No wheat grass, alfalfa, oat, kamut, rye, no soil based organisms, kelp, bee pollen, garlic, onion, MSG, GMO’s, yeast, egg, artificial coloring, alcohol, preservatives, flavoring, salt, starch, maltodextrin, wheat, gluten, corn, stabilizers, pesticides, herbicides or dairy animal products.



35 reviews for Macro Berri Reds 7oz 32 servings!

  1. Steph V.

    AMAZING! I am having a hard time getting my 2 year old to eat properly. Shes already super tiny! This being said, she was allergic to milk since birth. She seems to be ok now except for the fact she hates it and will not drink it. Not even a milk shake. I went on a mission buying many drinks for her to try, for her to take one sip, spit it out and run away. Then I came across this one. I read all the reviews and did a bunch of research on it and decided I’ve spent 30.00 on worst things and if she doesn’t drink it, I will. I read the reviews and one review said they put it in orange juice and their picky toddler loved it, so I decided to do the same. I put 1 full scoop into a standard sized sippy cup and then filled the cup to the top with orange juice. Then tasted it. It tasted amazing! I then gave it to the true critic and she drank an entire sippy cup of it. Omg, this has put my mind at ease knowing she will still get her vitamin and nutrients into her. Amazing product! Don’t hesitate, just buy it and you will see… You will not be disappointed!

  2. Brandi Easterling Collins

    Okay taste, but pricey. This supplement has an okay taste, but it’s a bit pricey at almost $1 per serving. Also, it is difficult to fully mix the supplement with water. No amount of shaking with a blender bottle fully dissolved the powder, so the last sip was gritty. Overall, the supplement contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. I think this would work better mixed in a smoothie or in yogurt as opposed to simply mixing it in water.

  3. Ian D.

    I think it’s tasty. Unfortunately, my kid didn’t like it!

    I really like that this is generally naturally sourced (although the ingredients are vague), and I found the taste very good. I got it for my almost 3-year-old to provide an immune boost as he started daycare, and he didn’t like it. In fact, he turns his nose up at it. So, I’ve been drinking it to ward off the daycare germs he brings home. It’s quite berry flavored, and it’s sweet, but not over the top. It does have added sugar, and in my family we’ve been super careful to avoid giving our little guy lots of sugar. That may be why he doesn’t like it much. For a kid who’s used to drinking fruit juices or other sugary drinks, this may actually work out.

    ***I write reviews as a hobby because I love trying out electronics, clothing, household products, kitchen devices, and more. My hope is that my review will guide you to make a more informed choice about whether or not to make a purchase. If this review helped you in your decision-making today, please let me know with a helpful vote. Have a great day!***

  4. Thraddash

    Excellent for smoothies!

    My wife and I used this in our smoothies with great success. It tastes delicious and we love the benefits that come from the high-quality ingredients.

    5-star product with no negatives!

  5. tyler b.

    Tasty. Such a healthy and tasty drink. I like to start my day out by drinking this it gives me energy to get through my day and tastes great. It’s easy to make and has a smooth taste. Definitely tastes better chilled!

  6. Susan

    My kids really like this drink.
    We mixed it with milk to make “milkshakes’.
    I thought that the drink was too sweet, but they didn’t seem to mind.
    At only 4g of sugar, it’s a good mix of ingredients.
    My son benefits from probiotics and if he is needing to go but struggling, this drink helps to put things into action pretty quickly!
    The powder does settle during shipping so the bottle is only 1/2 full upon arrival.
    My kids enjoy the taste but they don’t enjoy the drink when they get to the bottom and its a bunch of chunks of the mix. The chunks just gets tossed.

  7. Shane

    A Decent Healthy Drink. This MacroLife Naturals is a health food powdered drink mix with tons of vitamins and minerals. I won’t summarize those here since you can read the info in the product description. But I will say it mixes into water just fine. It doesn’t take long to dissolve. I put an ice cube in it to chill it a little. Then I tasted it and yes, it’s pretty good! It tastes something like a light fruit drink with just a hit of beet flavor. If you or your kids can’t stand beets, they might not like this. But if they don’t mind beets, this would be a good healthy drink mix to try. It doesn’t taste like kool-aid or soda, but it’s not a bad health food drink.

  8. Artoo

    Doesn’t taste horrible. The problem with a lot of mixes like these is that they taste horrible. To counter this, companies will often put in a ton of sugar. This mix has only 4 grams, which while a bit of sugar, it’s not that much when compared to some vitamin chewables. I like that it has FOS, and an antioxidant blend in addition to other healthy additions and vitamins. All in all, a good mix.

  9. NetJunkie

    Kids love it. Nice to be able to give the kids something healthy to drink that helps their little tummies and they don’t even realize the health aspect, they just like the taste. Great price for what you get. Have been buying this regularly since we first tried it.

  10. Mrs. M.

    Healthy supplement that my kids liked.

    Great superfood blend that mynkids actually drink.

    My kids are somewhat ok earing certain vegetables and almost all fruits, I give them daily vitamin but I also try to introduce extra source of nutrition with supplements like this one. They usually reject due to flavor but they didn’t reject this one. I made myself a drink and tastes good. Contains 4g of sugar in 1 scoop which is not too bad.

    It does clump up so I used a frother but I’m also planing on adding to shakes and smoothies so it’ll blend easily in blender

  11. Sunnie H.

    probably tastes best in a smoothie
    -Gluten and dairy free
    -Multi-mineral and vitamin blend with fruits and veggies
    -Contains less sugar than other fruit drinks
    -Contains probiotics
    -No artificial ingredients
    -High fiber
    -Not too sweet
    -Aides digestion and supports immune system.

    -Neither of my kids liked it. (They tasted it with almond milk. It smelled like a strawberry milkshake. I used water for myself. the taste was okay. It was drinkable.) I think it would probably taste good in a smoothie.
    -Takes some good stirring, but does mix better with water than it did with milk. It left remnants at the bottom for a gritty taste with the water.

  12. Star

    I got this for my 6-yr-old. She wanted it mixed with water rather than milk. Made a serving with about 12 oz vs suggested 5-7 oz, but it tasted fine-good flavor. The container was only about 55% full, though.

  13. Nova

    1. Goes well with either water or milk
    2. Looks healthy; has sugar but not too much

    1. Doesn’t dissolve well unless blended.
    2. Tastes a bit chalky in just water

    1. Fibrous: good for “business” but bad for taste.

    Overall, looks like a healthy product that needs slightly more optimization.

    Thank you so much for reading this review. I hope it helps in your decision-making process.

  14. RockyRoad

    Superfruits for Superkids!

    Loaded with vitamin C and probiotics, this good tasting buried drink contains three servings of fruits and vegetables per scoop. With 32 scoops per container, roughly, it’s a pretty decent value.
    If you can name a couple of super fruits, chances are they are in here! Cherry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, goji, acai, and even beet and aloe vera.

    Nearly every ingredient is organic. It does have fiber from an apple fruit powder source, that is not organic. At least everything is non-GMO.
    Dairy free.

    If you don’t use a blender, it’s best to mix a scoop in a little bit of water making a paste, and then stirring briskly as you add the rest of the liquid.
    Really tasty and whole food. Stuff you can feel good about giving kids!

  15. Midwest Midlife

    Adults can use it too!
    The label says for kids ages 3 to 103!! I am using this in smoothies and protein drinks to help get my daily organic fruits, veggies and berries. I don’t enjoy eating fruit or berries but I know that I need them. This is perfect and while I don’t use it every single day, it’s nice when I want some berry flavors in my smoothie. I love that it mixes up easily and has probiotics, fiber, and some trace minerals. This is awesome for kids who need a healthy boost to their diet. I might try stirring some of this into kefir or yogurt to see how it tastes.

  16. REO

    Almost a little too sweet tasting. However, I do like that there are special formulated drinks like this for children. I just think the sugar flavor is a little strange tasting. This is a great way to get in nutrients and probiotics for finicky eaters, or even those that eat well but don’t get it all in when you are having quick dinners that don’t have all the categories.

  17. Lisa

    Excellent substitute for high sugar juices!!

    Good nutrition and excellent substitute or replacement for high sugar juice (even all natural ones). This doesn’t amp up my granddaugther like even 50% diluted 100% juice does. She loves it, then hates it, just depends on her mood.

    I mixed it in 7 oz., of cold milk and it took awhile to dissolve, left lumps in the bottom of her glass – so I have to mix it ahead and stir it often until it’s dissolved enough not to leave lumps, then give it to her. So that isn’t so easy.

    I don’t drink milk, so I mixed it in 7 oz., of cold unsweetened Almond milk and it dissolved faster than it did in milk, (or maybe I drank it so fast the solids didn’t have time to settle?) I use a milk frother to mix it, as it’s just faster. I love the taste! Reminds me a bit of a strawberry milk shake, and it is sweet, just not overpowering sweet. I still get a bit of the veggie taste, but not enough to bother me. Compared to other fruit and veggie blended powder mixes I do like this the best, plus it includes a small amount of probiotics and fiber.

    The bottle does come half full, but that’s fine as it does contain about 32 servings, so still a good value, and the extra canister space allows for the scoop to be stored inside the container when not making a cup.

  18. Z

    I really liked the ingredients of this powder and appreciated that it’s sweetened with cane sugar rather than stevia (that seems to be a popular choice these days and makes the drinks/shakes unpalatable).
    When I opened the container (which was factory sealed!) I was surprised to see that it was less than 1/2 full! (See pictures). I understand that it’s packed by weight, not by volume, but I don’t understand the need to have a container more than twice the size! It’s tall and skinny and scooping the powder out is difficult. Would be easier with a smaller container.
    I tried mixing the powder with milk, and it clumped up and did not dissolve completely for me.
    The taste is ok: while I can definitely taste the beets and some bitter undertones, it’s mostly sweet (perhaps, a touch too sweet).
    The container has about a month’s supply and at the time of this review is a decent value.

  19. BK

    I like this product and have been a fan of green drinks for some time so was excited to try a berry blend. This dissolves well in water with a fairly smooth texture. Taste is pretty good and not overly sweet. Hopefully it will deliver health benefits as well but I don’t have a feasible way of determining that. But it’s a healthier option than diet soda which I need to reduce my intake on. My son likes it as well.

  20. Mad Max

    First off, this is mostly natural, which I like, and many of the ingredients are organic. No added nonsense – no artificial colors or flavors, no filler ingredients, etc.

    My favorite thing to do with this is add to coconut or almond milk – makes a delicious strawberry milk.

    This has a lot of great stuff in it, but for me the star ingredients are:

    -Superfood blend of mostly berries (count this as 1 or 2 servings of fruit)
    -Antioxidant blend (replaces the need for antioxidant supplement)
    -And a little extra fiber

    Other than that, this isn’t really enough to replace any of your child’s vitamins, it’s just something nice to add to your morning cereal (I love strawberry milk in cereal), or great to add to a smoothie if you need to squeeze in an extra serving of fruits.

    The probiotic is nice, but 1 million CFU isn’t enough to replace a one-a-day.

    The added A, D, Calcium, and Magnesium are nice, but nowhere near enough to replace a one-a-day.

    I’m not sure what to say about the Vitamin C, they don’t say what kind it is, or if they’re just referring to the C that’s inherent in the superfood blend.

    As for the taste and texture…

    The smell and taste of this is terrific. I called it strawberry, but it’s a berry blend, like a fruit rollup.

    I added to water, and it dissolves great, but doesn’t taste great in water.

    It does NOT dissolve in milk, like at all, just clumps. You have to blend it.

    I like it in smoothies or as strawberry milk, but it also goes great in jelly or things like that. I wouldn’t cook it (you may ruin the nutritional value), but it wouldn’t be difficult to incorporate this into desserts, like gelatin for a poke cake.

  21. Mrs. M

    Thumbs Up From My 3 Year Old! My 3 year old who used to eat whatever we put in front of her without batting an eye is suddenly deciding that she doesn’t need to eat anything healthy ever again. Fighting at the dinner table for hours is only so fun, so this drink is a lifesaver! It’s packed with superfood fruits and vegetables and tastes like strawberry milk. When it first arrived I mixed up a glass full for my 3 year old, who chugged the whole thing, said that it was “Delicious” and asked for more. WIN!!! I asked her what she would like to tell all the people on Amazon, and she said “You should really buy this because I really enjoyed it!!!” So there you have it folks. 3 year old approved. The only thing I would like to see changed is that I wish is was sweetened with stevia or monk fruit or something a little better for you than sugar, but all things considered, I’m still really happy happy with this and would order it again. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but if you’re trying to find a way to get fruit into a picky kid, this is a great option.

  22. Karen

    Tastes Good. A healthy drink that actually tastes good! It doesn’t mix all that great and is just a little pricey, but overall worth buying.

  23. Danice

    My picky toddler actually likes this, and I love the fact that it helps keep him healthy

  24. Aalea1

    Very sweet, strong flavor. It’s like fruit punch but with extra berry. I did not make it for a drink, I added it to baby’s applesauce and she loved it. It’s too high in sugar for me to use on a regular basis as a drink but 1/5th a serving in some applesauce now and then is good. Not bad taste, high in sugar, good ingredients.

  25. TheLoud

    This drink powder comes in a plastic jar that’s less than half full. Here’s a photo of the jar just after I opened it, before I took any powder out, with light shining through it. The darker part at the bottom is the part full of powder. The lighter part at the top is full of air. I know that settling can occur, but this seems like excessive packaging. That’s a pet peeve of mine.

    The powder itself is speckled pink. It’s a little awkward to mix it with water, requiring a lot of pressing lumps against the side of the glass with a spoon, but I got it all mixed eventually. It doesn’t dissolve in water, it just disperses. Here’s a video of the little particles swirling around in a glass. They form a grey sediment at the bottom after a few minutes, as you can see in this photo, leaving the liquid red.

    Mixed just with water like this, it has a nice berry flavor, reminiscent of Kool-Aid, but lumpier. It’s sweeter than I think it needs to be, from the stevia, but my kids like it. Considering how tedious it is to mix, and how it doesn’t stay mixed, I’ll use the rest in smoothies instead of just in water. It adds a nice berry flavor, red color, and sweet taste to smoothies.

  26. Banji Lou Who

    The kid loves this! She loves the taste and thinks she’s getting a treat!

  27. Julie Giordano

    Autistic 4 year old drinks it no problem. Love it she doesnt mind the taste. U have to really shake into mix it up but otherwise does the trick.

  28. RK

    Five Stars

  29. Kindle Customer

    I love this product. I give it to my 2 yr old and he loves it. I never have a problem getting him to drink it. Will continue to buy again and again.

  30. Maria Elena Mosqueda

    Five Stars
    Great product

  31. TK123

    Love this product and a very good value!! This is way more expensive on the shelves at Whole Foods. I will be ordering it here again soon. Great product, thank you.

  32. misbah h syed

    hi love the smooth cool strawberry taste tastes really good yummy even my son likes it

  33. Vanessa F

    Five Stars
    My kids and I both like it.

  34. LisaLove

    I like!! Tried this health drink for the first time for my 3 year old daughter, not bad at all. At first she was skeptical cus she’s a picky eater and it was a new taste to her but she got around to it and the berry flavor helped. So would continue trying it because of all the nutritious packed goodness in it.

  35. Stefs

    This stuff is fantastic!! My kids love it and it’s healthy. Mix it up with some o.j. and ice and the kids get excited to have it.

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