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For KIDS! Macro Coco Greens – 7oz 32 servings!

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Macro Coco Greens  7oz 32 servings!  Macro Coco Greens is an all natural chocolate super “greens” multi-vitamin drink mix with a taste kids love!  Delicious is the new nutritious!

No common allergens or other harsh ingredients. No wheat grass, alfalfa, oat, kamut, rye, no soil based organisms, kelp, bee pollen, garlic, onion, MSG, GMO’s, yeast, egg, artificial coloring, alcohol, preservatives, flavoring, salt, starch, maltodextrin, wheat, gluten, corn, stabilizers, pesticides, herbicides or dairy animal products.

What are the benefits of using Macro Coco Greens?

• 3.5 billion probiotics and enzymes aid digestion and support immune system
• Essential vitamins A, C, D, E, plus calcium, magnesium, trace minerals and electrolytes
• 3+ servings of fruits and vegetables
• Perfect “green food” alkalizing source
• Complete raw superfood and powerful antioxidants
• 70% less sugar than other coco drinks
• No high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients
• Gluten free and vegan
• All natural chocolate super food drink with taste kids love!

Learn more about Macro Coco Greens Ingredients:

19 reviews for For KIDS! Macro Coco Greens – 7oz 32 servings!

  1. katinsrq

    It’s ok. Tastes chocolate-y but my 4-year old says it tastes weird and won’t drink it. It’s super sweet and I’m stuck putting it in my coffee in the morning

  2. Peaky Blinder

    Disregard the Ignorant reviews – follow instructions

    I see revies on here complaining of Stevia being an artifical sweetner or it doesn mix or tastes bad etc etc.
    – First taste is subjective and also how or what you mix it with is as well. Giving a 1-2 star reveiw solely for taste seems a but much
    – For those who say stevia is an artificial sweetener it is not. Stevia is a naturally derived ingredit and is used as a sugar substitute and is used in place of sugar as it had no effect on the glycemic index and also we know how to much real sugar is bad. Stevia is better than having any artificial sweetener lie sucralose, dextrose, fructose which our bodies cannot digest thus ferment and create gasses.
    – For those who dont read instructions, it say for best mixing to first mix the power in 1oz of water then add the rest of your water/milk/fruits etc that you are belnding to make the drink or smoothie. I use this with 8oz of water and alternate for my daughter either blending a banana in it or half an avacado.
    – A helpfull suggestion: Now this may not taste well for everyone as we all have idff tastees but besides blening it with banane or avacado, i also have a bttle of PBfit which is an organic peanut putter power than can be mixed to make PB or throw in a smoothie. Adding it to a smootie thickens it a touch and if your kid loves PB then this would be perfect.

    Laslty yes the container does need to be wider to scoop.

    For what the product has for ingredients i canot see it being anything but benefical for my child getting her fruits, veggie and enzymes daily or a couple times a week. Hope this helped.

  3. David Cruz

    My kid loves this ..
    We use oatly and make healthy vegan chocolate milk with it!

  4. Jessica K.

    Our kids love this. I tried it as well and it’s delicious. It tastes just like chocolate milk… as others have mentioned it is hard to mix in. We have a milk frother for coffee and I use that to mix it. I put the appropriate mix in with a small amount of milk. Then use the frother, I finish adding the reminder of milk and finish mixing with a spoon. I have had no issues since mixing this way. Also doing this makes it a little thicker and so delicious. I will add that o have noticed if the kids don’t finish the drink and we place it in the fridge for an hour or more it gets very nasty though. Thick and Chunky like rotten milk 🤮 so we just encourage our kids to finish what they are given and we now give half the amount to avoid tossing it down the drain. That being said it is delicious and glad I found this product.

  5. Josh Miller

    My kids love this drink. I just really dislike the container it’s in. When you get towards the bottom it’s so hard to get the powder out since it’s too narrow to fit your hand inside. If the container shape could be wider and shorter i would’ve given 5 stars.

  6. Healthy living

    Great product, fast shipping. Kids love it.

  7. Kelli Stewart

    For adults, too.
    As an adult, I love this for myself. I use it in my morning protein shake.

  8. Caroline Sullivan

    Great product. My kids love this beat way to get their veggies in

  9. Maria Nava

    its healthy. My son absolutely loves this product, we keep it in stock so we never run out. Its healthy and tastes good.

  10. Kristen W.

    Literally taste like greens and chocolate! My son likes this, I wouldn’t say he loves it. I’m just glad that he will drink most of it and know he is getting some good nutrients!

  11. nadine knight

    My picky eater loved it. Taste like chocolate milk

  12. Melissa

    Healthy and good tasting. We love this. We blend it with a banana and almond milk for our two year old every morning and he loves his “smoothie”!

  13. Philana

    It’s a win! My daughter loves it and asks for it!

  14. Alaq

    The product is very tasty and my daughter likes it … The product is very tasty and my daughter likes it. My only complaint is the packaging. The bottle is very narrow so as you get to the bottom it is very difficult to get any of the powder out.

  15. homeschoolmom5

    Like nesquick but good for you. My kids and I love this stuff. It’s hard to get mixed in but we use a whisk and start with a small amount of milk and it’s easier. It’s totally worth it. This tastes like the good stuff I remember from being a kid but with none of the junk and chemicals they add to it. A scoop is tiny so this container laat a long time so I don’t mind paying extra. Great product in my opinion.

  16. Rosie

    I love the idea of this stuff. I love the idea of this stuff! my daughter loved it but then day 2 when I called it special she hated it (haha she’s 3) and said it tasted funny, I tasted it and to be honest it is just a TINY bit funny but it’s good! I mix it with a TINY bit of her old chocolate milk mix and it fixed the funny prob 🙂 just wish it was cheaper. When compared to something like pedisure or odwalla I guesit’s not so bad though

  17. Amy Beth

    This makes a delicious chocolate milk or smoothie, and I love all of the macronutrients in it, not to mention the low calorie count in exchange for great flavor!

  18. Stefs

    I love it and so do my kids. Thanks for another great green drink that my children actually enjoy drinking. I will be purchasing this product again 🙂

  19. cdmeek

    This product tastes great with milk! I never thought it would taste as good as it does. If I had to compare the taste, the closest thing would be an ensure shake. I recommend mixing this product with a protein shake. It really makes the protein shake taste much better.

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Macro Coco Greens 32 servings per container. Delicious is the new nutritious!

Macro Coco Greens is an all natural chocolate super “greens” multi-vitamin drink mix with a taste kids love!  No common allergens or other harsh ingredients. Kids love the chocolate taste – it’s a great way to ensure your children are getting the vital nutrition they really need! Truly an amazing product!

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