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Help Your Kid’s Immunity

Studies have shown that an alarmingly high percentage of children eat less than the minimum daily allowance of many essential nutrients. The best way to boost your child’s immunity is with quality, organic, fresh, unprocessed food and a source of vitamins and minerals designed for kids.  However, for most time-crunched families, eating home-cooked, well-balanced meals made from these ingredients 100% of the time just isn’t possible.

Because of the dramatic amount of growth and development Kids experience, children need a generous allowance of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are essential for their cells to work and are critical for their healthy growth, energy, focus, learning, behavior, and immunity. Failure to get enough of any of the above nutrients can lead to serious health problems.

A great way to ensure your kids get the nutrients they need is with high-quality dietary supplements. At MacroLife, we offer Coco Greens & Berri Reds both contain a wide array of brain directed plant-based ingredients designed to assist kids in reaching their full potential. Coco Greens and Berri Reds are delicious & nutritious supplements to help build up your child’s defenses this winter.

Macro Coco Greens for Kids – Natural chocolate Superfood drink kids will ask for every day.   Nutritious alternative to sugary chocolate drink mixes. Helps Kids reach 3+ servings of fruits & vegetables.
Contains Essential plant-based vitamins/minerals and antioxidants, 3.5 billion probiotics, plus enzymes support young immune system, digestion and absorption.
Coco Greens takes guesswork out of children’s supplementation and provides Vitamins C, D and E.
Plus is a “green foods” alkalizing source.  Delicious most complete KIDS “greens” Superfood!

Macro Berri Reds for Kids – Berri delicious part of a healthy breakfast mixed into cereal or as an afternoon drink treat.  19 Super Fruits and Berries Support Active Kid’s Life
1 Billion Probiotics, plus enzymes –support immune system, digestion for complete absorption.
With Trace mineral blend that aids hydration – Contains Vitamins A, C and D plus fiber.
Helps kids get 3+ servings of Super Fruits and Berries.

Always Non-GMO, vegan, gluten and dairy free, No HFCS – artificial ingredients.

By Your Mother of SuperFoods,
Sylvia Ortiz, Founder MacroLife Naturals