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Would you love faster fat loss, fewer cravings, steady and soaring energy levels, improved cholesterol, healthy blood pressure, and stable blood-sugar!?!

Now you can, and safe to say, there are many amazing health benefits from following an “alkalizing ketogenic diet”. Maintaining a Keto and alkalizing diet is difficult to achieve, and more of an oxymoron.  Read whether a Keto diet is right for you

A Keto diet is really hard to maintain.

To get the full list of benefits, 75% of your calories have to come from healthy fats and limited protein. Yes, you read that correctly. And there’s a big misconception here:

Cutting Out Carbs is Not The Same As “Going Keto”

The true definition of “going keto” is having elevated levels of ketones in your blood.  Which only happens when your body doesn’t have enough carbs and protein to make glucose.

So even if you cut your carbs dramatically, any excess protein you consume will be converted to glucose by your liver, and the keto “switch” never gets turned on.  But when your cells are starved of glucose, your body “flips a switch” to burn fat instead.  These fats are converted into ketones, which are used instead of glucose for energy production. Problem is ketosis is very acidic and generally speaking an unhealthy solution.  Unless of course you add MacroGreens to alkalize your system.

To effectively “go keto”, you have to cut out most carbs AND reduce protein, while basically living off a steady diet of avocado and nut butter! Bye bye pizza, pasta, steak and everything else that makes this world we live in so wonderful… 🙁

Okay, I know I’m being a bit cynical. The truth is, I don’t want to totally slam keto. For those who stick with it, the effects are awesome.

But we have found that people have difficulty following any sort of restrictive diet. When that happens, their confidence levels plummet, and their health gets worse, not better.

MacroMeal OMNI Vanilla 15 serveYet every day folks are choosing to GET HEALTHY and LOSE WEIGHT by simply making a MacroMeal shake to replace one meal daily.  Check out this weight loss blog for more tips. I like replacing lunch and having a small snack + Miracle Reds later in the afternoon to help keep me from being too hungry for dinner. Then have a healthy meal comprised of two-thirds veggies and one-third about 4oz lean protein. 

Countless men and women made huge progress in just months following this plan. From increasing their endurance, to fitting into old clothes and learning to love themselves for the first time in ages, just look at the Testimonials…

Victor My name is Victor ikani, and I am a bodybuilding/physique competitor. I have been using Macrolife for over 2 years. Macrolife has changed my body tremendously, and has also helped me accomplish my dietary goals during preparation for my Olympia classic physique competition.

Some of the results and changes I’ve noticed upon using this product include lean muscle mass, muscle growth, and most importantly, easy to digest.”  – Victor, Los Angeles


We really like this stuff, our entire family enjoys a MacroMeal shake almost daily, the ingredients are high quality! I was just recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my third pregnancy and this is great for my smoothie bowl “ice cream” treat at night.”  – Lindsay B


Best protein powder I’ve ever tried. Love this. Time release protein!”  – Drea

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