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These last few weeks have been cold with low humidity here in California.  What happens when humidity gets low you ask?  Eyes become dry and irritated, skin gets flaky and itchy, and the low humidity inflames and dries out the mucous membrane lining the respiratory tract. The risk of cold, flu and other infections is substantially increased.

As a result of the change in season, I’ve had a severe case of winter itchy skin, chapped lips, and sandpaper-hands – not sexy. If the winter weather has sucked the moisture out of your skin, here’s how to revive it:

Rough hands. I wash my hands frequently, especially in light of COVID-19, so I have to give them extra TLC to keep them soft and presentable. I keep a tube of thick hand cream next to the sink and at my desk so I can reapply throughout the day. Once a week, I dip them in my Revlon home paraffin bath. I got it on Amazon last year, but I’ve also seen it in drugstores.

Cracked Heels. Don’t ignore your poor feet just because they’re in boots all day. To heal cracked heels, soak feet in warm water to soften dead skin, then use a foot file. Mine looks like a fine cheese grater; I like it better than a pumice. Pat dry and rub in a foot cream. My dermatologist, Dr. Wu, recommends a cream containing urea to remove dead skin. (Eucerin and Dr Scholls both make one) Put on thick socks. Repeat nightly as needed. Paraffin dips also help cracked heels.

Chapped Lips. Lips are mucous membranes and they dry out quickly. Prevention is key. Put a thick layer of lip ointment (not a waxy stick) all over your lips before bedtime to hold in moisture, especially if you’re a mouth-breather. Avoid long-lasting and matte lip colors, which are more drying.

Prevention. Remember to hydrate with plenty of water, and add plenty of Anti-Aging Antioxidants with a scoop of Miracle Reds. Alkalize and keep your microbiome balanced with immune boosting Macro Greens that aids natural defense. 

To your health!

Sylvia OrtizBy Sylvia Ortiz

Mother of SuperFoods