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It’s time to start getting ready for summer! Especially if you want to be in good shape for your vacation trips, wherever you go.  It takes a few weeks to be able to lose extra pounds so you can wear your bathing suit comfortably, or to build more muscle mass to show off a great body playing volleyball on the beaches!

Get the Energy You Need with Protein Made from Whole Foods

Boost your energy from morning ‘til night with our SuperFood-based protein powders MacroMeal – Time Released Protein is packed with amino acids to help your body recover faster from a workout. Made with Four Optimal Proteins; Collagen Peptides, Whey from the nutritious milk of pasture-raised cows and Organic Brown Rice and Pea Protein concentrate which keeps you full and promotes sustained stamina throughout the day.  Plus, Macro Meal is packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes from our SuperFood Blend along with MCT Coconut Oil (healthy fat) and 3-Billion Probiotics that other powders don’t have.

Our Vegan Protein is an allergen-free source of protein that’s great for those that don’t or can’t consume milk products. The Vegan formula provides Four Time Released Proteins for sustained energy as well as All Star line up of our SuperFood Blend, MCT Coconut Oil (healthy fat) and 3-Billion Probiotics, enzymes, trace minerals that other vegan powders don’t have.

MacroMeal Omni and Vegan Protein formulas deliver 25gram of high-quality protein per serving that equals 50% of your RDA.  This helps you build healthy muscles and replenish your energy after exercising. Add an array of wonderful antioxidant benefits, healthy fats and low carbohydrates and you’re ready to face the day!  Easy and quick to prepare, our protein powders are perfect for your busy morning routine – no need to skip breakfast ever again.

Why Supplement Your Diet with a High-Quality Protein Powder?

As you age, your body gradually loses its ability to produce critical amino acids – the building blocks of proteins you need for energy production, immune function and protein buildup in the muscle.  However, the need to supplement with these amnio acids increases as you get older and even more during times of high physical stress, like after a workout or when recovering from an injury or illness.  All proteins are comprised of amino acids, considered the building blocks of life. Your muscles, skin, hair, tendons and cartilage are all made of amino acids.  Protein also helps form your enzymes, hormones, and replacement tissues and cells.  Your body can make all except nine of about 20 amino acids in the human body. These nine amino acids are essential because you can only obtain their benefits through diet MacroMeals provides ALL Essential & non-Essential amnio acids your body needs.

But first things first – you have to make sure you choose the right protein powder for your lifestyle.

Both Chocolate & Vanilla protein powders have a delicious taste.  We spent so much time working to combine the right protein powders and get the taste just right, because despite any added benefits, if it doesn’t taste good, you or us won’t use it.   Take a look at both Omni & Vegan MacroMeals below and consider your lifestyle to see which one will work best for you:
















Omni MacroMeal Time Released protein powder, delivers 25grams protein and 50% of your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) Comes in great-tasting flavors: chocolate, & vanilla.  A premium product designed to support your overall health and fitness level, MacroMeal contains a carefully selected blend of high-quality collagen peptides, whey protein, organic brown rice protein & pea protein + probiotics, MCT coconut oil, enzymes, superfood blend, trace minerals and fiber to give you an edge over the competition.

Vegan Macro Meal Protein Suitable for vegans, our complete Vegan Protein includes a perfect blend of three high-quality plant proteins from organic brown rice concentrate, pea concentrate and pea protein isolate– along with a probiotics, enzymes to support digestion. PLUS, MCT coconut oil, superfood blend, trace minerals and quality fiber to keep you full longer.

I came up with the term “integrative beauty.” What it means is that we cannot look beautiful and have a radiant skin and fuller hair if we do not address the various factors of the aging process. This starts with general vitality and good heath of the body.  Our skin will look better if you have a good diet, great hydration, not too much stress and good sleep.

We’ve taken most of your guesswork out of finding the perfect complete protein powder for you. That’s why we offer MacroMeals in two different and unique protein powders to meet the needs of Omnivores and Vegans.

Stay Healthy and Lean

Sylvia Ortiz

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