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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and Return Policy

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – Return Policy

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our products and value your health!  Each of our formulas are designed to benefit the quality of your health, and we maintain strict quality cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Policy) control and handling procedures to ensure the excellence of our products. Our hope is that your health and vitality will feel the love that goes into creating each of our formulas and you will experience a better quality of life because of our Ingredients with a Purpose Mission. 


Our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy is Simple:

Our Return, Refund, Credit, and Exchange Policies apply to products purchased directly from MacroLife Naturals or our authorized retailers, either from our website ( or authorized resellers. Unfortunately, because we cannot control the actions of other retailers to ensure their compliance with our Quality Control and Handling Guidelines, we cannot extend our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy to purchases from other sellers or retailers who are not authorized to sell MacroLife Products. 

If at any time during the first 14 days you are not completely satisfied or happy with your purchase, please contact MacroLife Customer Care and provide your original purchase receipt to receive a full refund, credit or exchange. Products must be 90% unused and have original receipt for a refund, replacement, or credit. 

Exchanges & Company Credit can be requested for all purchases within 14 days of receiving your order. To complete your exchange or credit request please visit our returns center.  Restrictions do apply.

If you purchased your products from one of our authorized resellers, please contact the retailer you purchased your supplements from for any returns or exchanges. If the retailer does not have the supplements for an exchange, we can complete your request. You will be responsible for all shipping costs. 

Our policy applies to all unaltered MacroLife Naturals products sold to retail consumers in the United States by an authorized retailer and excludes sales by unauthorized sellers and promotional items not sold at retail.

How to return your qualifying MacroLife Naturals Product

Please contact our Customer Services team by contacting [email protected]  for further assistance. Or call 310-815-8158.

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